Scooter Birthday Party

Scooter party decorations

Scooter themed Birthday Party

What could be more fun for a four year old boy than a scooter themed birthday party. Ryder adored his little blue scooter, always zooming down the driveway chasing his brothers, so a scooter birthday party seemed perfect.

Working around Ryder’s blue scooter I decided on a red white and blue colour scheme. I made two fabric buntings and some simple paper rosettes for decorations. I also reused our hessian tablecloth from the camping party.

As the party commenced at 2pm so I prepared ribbon sandwiches and homemade fries as some light snacks, and created a dessert buffet filled with ginger bread scooters, brownie pops, cupcakes, popcorn, lolly pops, raspberry liquorice and jaffas.

The cake was a simple three layer sponge with butter cream icing and I made a little fondant scooter for the top. Ryder was adamant that it had to be blue, just like his.

Scooter birthday  cake

Scooter themed birthday party

Scooter themed fourth birthday party

Scooter shaped cookies

Scooter party ideas and inspiration

Scooter party hats and decorations

I purchased the striped party hats and decorated them gluing mini rosettes to the front and red pompoms from spotlight to the top.

Scooter Birthday Party

Scooter themed party

When it came to games and activities we incorporated some old favourites, and a few new ones too.

First we had all the kids gather around a ‘scooter decoration station’, which was a table filled with streamers and balloons. They loved choosing their own colours and seeing their streamers blow in the breeze.

Next we had an eating competition. We tied cinnamon doughnuts (which we referred to as scooter wheels) to a piece of string and hung them from the front of the house. The goal was to be the first to eat your doughnut without using your hands. This game was so much fun and entertaining for the children and adults alike. We then played an old favourite, pass the parcel and finished off with bubble blowing and a few scooter races.

If you live in a small space or don’t quite have the yard space, then a scooter birthday party would be a lot of fun at a park too. Even the grown ups joinded in, getting their race on down our considerably steep driveway.

In a couple of months my baby boy will be five! And I think I’m going to find it hard to top this party.

scooter party

scooter party

Games for a scooter party

Scooter party activities

Scooter birthday cake

Scooter Party

Scooter birthday party


  1. alaina moran October 6, 2014

    hi. wondering where you got the mold for the scotter cookies. having a scooter party for my sona dn having a hard time finding anything!

    • Sarah October 6, 2014

      Hi Alaina,

      I found my cookie cutter at Biskart. They’re an Australian Online store. Have fun with your party plans.

      Sarah x

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