My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 7: A New Chassis

Vintage caravan makeover

I’m so happy to report that my vintage caravan makeover is back on track! A  couple of weeks ago I picked up my little caravan from the repair shop and brought her home on a brand new Chassis. As you can see from the pics below it was a pretty big job!

Whilst she was in the workshop she also had a new A frame (draw bar) installed, new springs, new stayz and a service on her bearings. She’s also had some repairs to her timber frame, and some resealing around her trims. The only parts underneath that are original now are her wheels and axel! Everything else is brand spanking new!

New Vintage Caravan Chassis 1

Since she’s returned I’ve done a few touch ups to the floor, touched up the paint work inside, replaced all the seals on the windows and door and lined the inside of the door with ply. All that’s left to do now is paint the exterior! I was hoping to have this done professionally, but…after getting back the quotes, I’ve decided to spray paint her myself.  There’s just not enough money left . So time to roll up my sleeves and learn how to spray paint!

Vintage caravan makeover

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