About me - Chai Days

Hello & Welcome,

I’m Sarah, creative spirit, wife and mother to three boys from Queensland, Australia. I started Chai Days in January 2014 as a place to culminate and share my own projects, events, travels and family moments.

Never one to sit still for very long I like to dabble in a bit of everything, from interior decorating and renovating to styling my kids parties, creating recipes and a bit of sewing and DIY in between. I don’t have one particular style, but am influenced by a mix of Scandinavian and vintage. As a child, I loved scouring markets and antique stores with my mum, a collector and curator of vintage finds. Her talent of mixing the old with new modern pieces inspired me and shaped my belief that a home can be stylish on any budget.

I love to update, refresh and repurpose and when hard rubbish day rolls around I’m in my element. I love discovering new treasures. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever feel like my house is finished, but that’s what I love. As time rolls by and my family needs change I’m happy to make way for something new, or be it new to me.

What’s in a name?

I believe that “Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all about how you make it” and just like a cup of Chai, my soul is soothed and enriched anytime I get creative.

With a house full of three busy boys, there’s not a great deal of me time so for now, I’m happy to steal little moments to myself, snippets of time where I can switch off my constant mummy brain which is endlessly organizing everyone else and dive into my own little world of creativity.

Fuelled by Pinterest , Instagram and my growing library of books and magazines, I have so many new ideas to share. I hope you’ll follow along as I continue to create my homely home and live an inspired and beautiful life. If your new to Chai Days and would like to start from the beginning, then this is where I began.

Oh and one more thing, I love hearing your comments and feedback and for any questions or enquiries, or if you’d like to work with me, please email me at sarah@chaidays.com