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Scouted Design - travelling homewares store

Well what a month it’s been! Many of you will already know about my exciting new venture but if you don’t and you’ve been wondering why I’ve been M.I.A, then let me share some very exciting news! I’ve opened a travelling homewares store, and online boutique called Scouted Design and it’s based out of my renovated vintage caravan.

It’s an absolute dream come true which began bubbling away last September. There’s been lots of bumps in the road and whole lot of hard work but I would do it all again in a second because I’m so happy with how it has all turned out.

Since you last saw my little vintage caravan she’s been adorned with my logo and filled to the brim with a gorgeous collection of homewares, home decor and lifestyle products from my favourite Australian and international designers. From Cushions and scented candles to kitchen ware, table decor, wall art, rugs, throws and garlands, I have a beautiful range of contemporary Australian and Scandinavian inspired wares.

To see where Scouted Design will be popping up and to shop all my gorgeous wares online pop over to my online store.  You can also follow all our exciting adventures through Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to see you there!

Scouted Design

Travelling Homewares store

Workspace update with Kmart pegboards

Kmart Pegboards

Who isn’t loving Kmart’s Homewares range right now! From lamps and rugs to pots, vases  and storage, they’re got some really cool products for really low prices! Last week I gave my workspace a little update with the Kmart pegboards. An absolute bargain for just $29 each and super versatile and stylish. I tried my pegboards in about four different spaces before finally deciding to keep them in my workspace. They looked great next to the boys desk,  in the boys rooms and also in the playroom too.

I placed my pegboards side by side and played around with the shelving heights depending on the object size I wanted to add. Here I’ve just styled them with bits and pieces I already had plus a new print from Hark Home.

Kmart pegboards

Kmart Pegboards

kmart pegboards

My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 6: New flooring, upholstery, leather cabinet pulls and Lighting

Vintage caravan Makeover Part 6

My vintage caravan makeover is moving along faster than I can post so to bring you up to speed I’m going to share all the latest updates. Since building the bench seat I’ve laid a beautiful new vinyl plank floor, made some upholstered cushions for the chairs and bench seat, installed some lovely new lighting and electrical switches, and made my own leather cabinet pulls and handles.My Vintage caravan makeover - new concrete pendant lights

vintage caravan makeover - lay new vinyl floors

vintage caravan makeover - lay new vinyl floors

Lets start by talking about those floors. I chose these vinyl adhesive planks from Bunnings. They were lightweight and very easy to lay. Cutting around corners was probably the trickiest part, so if your tackling a similar project be sure to buy more than you need to allow for mistakes and off cuts. Before I started I watched this video which was so helpful. Before you start laying your vinyl planks make sure your floor is really clean then give it a coat of bondcrete which needs to dry for 24 hours before you begin.

Vintage caravan Makeover Part 6

For the upholstered seats I bought a combination of medium and high density foam from Clark Rubber when it was on sale and they cut it all down to size for me which was a great time saver. The front cushion seats are 100mm high density foam and the back rests and bench seat are 750mm medium density foam. Before I made removable covers I lined each cushion with calico for longevity and to disguise the colour of the foam from peeping through the cushion covers. I used a heavy durable cotton fabric from IKEA to make the cushion covers and added these zips from spotlight so that the covers could be removed and washed.

Vintage caravan Makeover Part 6

Vintage caravan Makeover Part 6

Vintage caravan makeover Part 6

As for the lighting and electrical, I bought replacement architrave light switches and power points from Bunnings and had my electrician install them. I also bought the exterior bunker light from Bunnings and my beautiful concrete pendants and pretty globes are from Freedom. I’ve strung them across and secured them to the ceiling with white pendant hooks from Beacon. Whenever the caravan is mobile I just wrap them in bubble wrap and secure them in the overhead cupboard .

Make leather cabinet pulls

I love the look of my leather cabinet pulls! I’ve wanted to try making leather cabinet handles and pulls for a little while so I was excited to be able to use them in the caravan. They’re really simple to make, all you need is leather cowhide strips (mine were 1 inch wide), a leather punch, Stanley knife, screws and bolts. I found  this DIY video really helpful (although they use a full hide and paint the hide before cutting it down) and I also read this step by step tutorial before I began. I used the existing hols in the cabinet doors and drilled new holes for the handles on the bench seat.

Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 6

Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 6

I’m so happy to have the interior almost complete. I just need to give the window frames a good clean, replace the adhesive dust seals, and do a little touch up painting. Then the most fun part, accessorising. Oh and I forgot to mention that I’ve also replaced all the broken glass and dodgy scratched and discoloured perspex in the windows. Don’t they look so much better.  I went with 4mm clear toughened glass, it won’t discolour and is considerably stronger than regular glass.

Unfortunately my vintage caravan makeover is now on hold for a few weeks. Before I can begin any more changes, my little caravan is headed back to the workshop. Sadly her chassis has cracked and caused some of my framework to break, and my floor to bow. This is a bit devastating to my budget and my morale. I was on  such a roll.  Apparently the chassis is beyond repair, so after lots of consideration and chatting to repairers and metal fabricators,  she’ll be getting a whole new chassis. This is quite a difficult and expensive procedure so I’m leaving it up to the experts. Fingers crossed her body stays in one piece and she’ll be back soon, stronger and safer than ever.

Vintage caravan Makeover

My Photo in Inside Out Magazine

My photo in Inside Out Magazine

It’s been a little quite here recently because I’ve been spending all my spare time working away on my vintage caravan renovation. These days Instagram is my go to social media outlet so if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to you can find me there @chaidays.

Thanks to Instagram I’ve had some very exciting news; one of my photos was chosen as the winner of the Inside Out Magazine Share My Style Kids room category! How exciting! I was thrilled to have my photo of Zavier’s bedroom printed in the March edition of Inside Out Magazine. In fact I almost let out a little squeal of delight in the middle of Coles when I saw it, especially since the prize is $2000 to spend at Pottery Barn Kids! How fun is that! bring on the retail therapy. Oh and if your not already on Instagram, you can see my winning photo below. Thanks again Inside Out Magazine and Pottery Barn Kids I can’t wait to spend my prize.

Share My style Kids Room Winner

Tween Boys Room Update

Tween Boys Room Update

Just before the last school holidays, I started another room makeover. This time it was for my ten year old son Zavier. It’s been five years since I first decorated Zavier’s room, so he really needed something a bit more grown up.  It was time to say farewell to his aqua walls and tree decal and create something which could easily transition with him through his teen years.

After we’d moved everything out, and set up a temporary bedroom in the playroom I painted his walls in Dulux Vivid White. It makes the room look much so more spacious and fresh. Then to add some depth and fun to the room I painted his wardrobe doors with black chalkboard paint (much to the envy of his younger brother).

Tween Boys Room Update

Monochrome Boys Room

We kept his existing furniture but gave it a little update by painting his bed with Blake and Taylor furniture paint and adding some new doors and storage boxes to his expedit bookcase. The Ikea Kallax inserts fit perfectly into the expedit and are great for hiding clutter and keeping books dust free.

After updating his colour scheme I added some new art, linen, and accessories. The Mapiful map of London was one the biggest splurges, but it’s a timeless piece and could easily be moved elsewhere should Zav decide he no longer wants to look at London. Why London you ask? well it’s his favourite city of those we’ve visited so far.

Tween Boys Room Update

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Tween Boys Room Chalkboard ideas

Tween Boys Room Update

I’m really happy with how Zavier’s bedside lamp turned out. It was originally a pendant light from Milk and Sugar (which I’d bought for a different room) but with a little help from my electrician to change the fixture to a three pin plug, and the edition of an Ikea Ekeby shelf bracket, I turned a ceiling pendant into a wall mounted reading light.

Some other favourite additions were the Arrow wall decals, Crochet Floor Rug, Whale pillowcase and the Lego storage bricks,  you can never have too much storage in a kids room! Good storage is definitely the key to keeping kids rooms tidy.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about, feel free to email me or add a comment in the box below.

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