Workspace update with Kmart pegboards

Kmart Pegboards

Who isn’t loving Kmart’s Homewares range right now! From lamps and rugs to pots, vases  and storage, they’re got some really cool products for really low prices! Last week I gave my workspace a little update with the Kmart pegboards. An absolute bargain for just $29 each and super versatile and stylish. I tried my pegboards in about four different spaces before finally deciding to keep them in my workspace. They looked great next to the boys desk,  in the boys rooms and also in the playroom too.

I placed my pegboards side by side and played around with the shelving heights depending on the object size I wanted to add. Here I’ve just styled them with bits and pieces I already had plus a new print from Hark Home.

Kmart pegboards

Kmart Pegboards

kmart pegboards

Tween Boys Room Update

Tween Boys Room Update

Just before the last school holidays, I started another room makeover. This time it was for my ten year old son Zavier. It’s been five years since I first decorated Zavier’s room, so he really needed something a bit more grown up.  It was time to say farewell to his aqua walls and tree decal and create something which could easily transition with him through his teen years.

After we’d moved everything out, and set up a temporary bedroom in the playroom I painted his walls in Dulux Vivid White. It makes the room look much so more spacious and fresh. Then to add some depth and fun to the room I painted his wardrobe doors with black chalkboard paint (much to the envy of his younger brother).

Tween Boys Room Update

Monochrome Boys Room

We kept his existing furniture but gave it a little update by painting his bed with Blake and Taylor furniture paint and adding some new doors and storage boxes to his expedit bookcase. The Ikea Kallax inserts fit perfectly into the expedit and are great for hiding clutter and keeping books dust free.

After updating his colour scheme I added some new art, linen, and accessories. The Mapiful map of London was one the biggest splurges, but it’s a timeless piece and could easily be moved elsewhere should Zav decide he no longer wants to look at London. Why London you ask? well it’s his favourite city of those we’ve visited so far.

Tween Boys Room Update

Storage ideas for kids rooms

Tween Boys Room Chalkboard ideas

Tween Boys Room Update

I’m really happy with how Zavier’s bedside lamp turned out. It was originally a pendant light from Milk and Sugar (which I’d bought for a different room) but with a little help from my electrician to change the fixture to a three pin plug, and the edition of an Ikea Ekeby shelf bracket, I turned a ceiling pendant into a wall mounted reading light.

Some other favourite additions were the Arrow wall decals, Crochet Floor Rug, Whale pillowcase and the Lego storage bricks,  you can never have too much storage in a kids room! Good storage is definitely the key to keeping kids rooms tidy.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about, feel free to email me or add a comment in the box below.

Tween Boys Room Ideas and Inspiration

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Our New Wood Stove

Our new wood stove

Pass the hot chocolate and marshmallows, it’s time to curl up by our new wood stove. Isn’t she lovely! After six weeks without a fireplace I am in heaven. There’s something so soothing about sitting by a fire. Just as winter began our twenty two year old convection heater fell apart on the inside and died. I tried to replace some of the parts but the fireplace had rusted out, so unfortunately there was no way to salvage it. Queensland winters aren’tt extremely cold, but we live in an elevated and hilly part of Brisbane so our weatherboard home does get quite chilly in the winter evenings and early hours of the morning. Here’s a before pic of our old convection heater.

Magnum Convection Heater

I thought it would be quite simple to buy a new convection heater, but fitting one to an existing hearth and flue position is a little tricky because every wood stove has different spatial requirements and specifications. For safety reasons the stove has to be a certain distance away from combustable materials such as plasterboard, and there needs to be an adequate amount of space from the front of your stove to the edge of the hearth. Combustion heaters also vary greatly in size, output and price. Having higher ceilings meant we needed a wood stove which had a bigger output than the foot print of our home.

I went with the Osburn 1000 from Mr Stoves. It would fit perfectly into our existing space and I loved it’s vintagey charm and cast iron legs. I had the flu painted black and it was installed yesterday without a hitch. The carpentry team (who were contracted by Mr Stoves) took care of the whole process; delivery, install and removal and disposal of the old heater too. I would certainly recommend them. Needless to say the fire went on a little earlier than usual yesterday, and I’m guessing it probably will for the rest of the school holidays.

Our new wood Stove

Our new wood Stove

Make a raised vegetable garden from old lockers

Make a raised vegetable garden from old lockers

During the last roadside pick up, I found an old set of rusty lockers. After convincing my husband that they were a great find he agreed to pick them up and bring them home. I intended to update them with a little paint and then use them as storage within my home.  But, on closer inspection, the doors were quite buckled and the base was very rocky and threatened to damage my floor boards whenever they were opened, so that idea was reluctantly put aside and a few weeks later I decided to make a raised vegetable garden from the old lockers instead.

Once we removed the doors, we drilled lots of holes in the back of the locker for drainage. Then I gave them a spray with some matt black Rust-Oleum. When the paint was dry the boys and I filled the lockers with some lovely organic soil and a layer of sugar cane mulch.

Make a raised vegetable garden from old lockers

We don’t have many spots in our garden which receive full sun, as the gums provide loads of shade, so I had to place the garden a bit further away from the house than I would have liked but it’s close to our rain water tank and gets sun for most of the day. It’s now filled to the bring with seedlings from our local nursery. A little too full actually, but the boys had so much fun picking them out that I didn’t want to spoil they’re enthusiasm.

We’ve planted lettuce, carrots, zucchini, roma tomatoes, spring onions, snow peas, basil, mint and peas. Oh and few Marigolds for a little companion planting with our tomatoes.

Plant a raised vegetable garden with kids

Recycle a set of lockers as a raised vegetable garden

Make a raised vegetable garden from old lockers

Make as raised vegetable garden from old lockers

Unfortunately it took less than two days before our pesky bush turkey attacked our lettuces, something I naively didn’t see coming. I’ve since bought an Anti bird net from Bunnings and wrapped it around the outside of the lockers, securing it with a weighted beady eyed plastic owl. It doesn’t look very pretty but so far it’s keeping the bush turkey out of the vegetable garden. Fingers crossed I can keep everything alive.

Protect your Vegetable garden from Bush Turkey's

Keep busk turkey's away from the vegetable garden

Potted Succulents

Succulent table decor

After recovering the outdoor sofas on our front deck, the rest of the deck looked a little tired, worn and in need of an update. Nothing too expensive, just a mini makeover.  For my next project I wanted to add some potted succulents to my coffee table. I’d been contemplating making my own concrete planters but last week when I was in Kmart I found this cool concrete planter which would be perfect and such a bargain at $12 ! So I grabbed one. Have you been to Kmart recently? They have a lot of on trend and super affordable homewares right now. The black and white ceramic pot which you’ll see further down is from Target, another bargain at just $10.

After purchasing our pots, my son Zavier and I picked a selection of succulents from our local nursery, they specialise in succulents so they have a great range and I love that they propagate many of them themselves.

Here’s what we came home with.
Create a Succulent Table Centrepiece

Decorate with succulentsBefore we removed the succulent from their original pots we decided on a design by positioning them within the planter. Then we transplanted our succulents into a medium grade potting mix and positioned them to receive the morning sun.  As the pots were reasonably shallow we didn’t need to add any extra pebbles for drainage but it’s something to consider if your using a deeper pot.

Create a Succulent Table Decoration

Succulent Table Decor

Potted Succulent

What I love most about succulents is that they’re drought tolerant,  very hardy and need very little care. The best advice I’ve been given is ensure they have good drainage and don’t over water them. Let them dry out and only give them a very light water after the soil has completely dried out. Oh and never flood the pot as you would when repotting other types of plants. Succulents store moisture in they’re leaves and don’t like to have there feet wet. I’m far from a green thumb so here’s hoping I can keep them alive.

Potted Succulents

Succulent Garden

Potted Succulents

Succulent table decorations

Concrete plantersIf you’d like more information on caring for your potted succulents you can find some great advice here, here and here. Happy potting x

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