Hand lettered 2016 Calendars

Ok, so I know there’s one more week left in January, but if like me your still in school holiday mode and haven’t quite got around to getting a 2016 calendar then this post is for you. Today I’m sharing three beautiful hand lettered 2016 calendars which you can proudly style in your workspace.  And the best part is, each gorgeous calendar is absolutely free. Simply download and print it out, so easy.

First is a gorgeous hand lettered calendar from blogger Annie Montgomery of Montgomery Fest. I’ve just printed this one out for myself this morning. You can download Annie’s calendar here.


Image Credit Montgomery Fest

Next is a beautiful minimal calendar from style and beauty Blogger Chantel Emma. You can download Chantel’s free 2016 Calendar here.


Image Credit Chantel Emma

And finally pop over and visit Amy of Delineate your Dwelling to download her chic hand lettered 2016 Calendar which you can download here. Whilst your there check out all her other freebies on offer.


Image Credit Delineate your Dwelling

I hope you enjoy the last few days of holidays. I’m  off to wrangle book packs and get a start on all that book covering and stationary labelling argh! wish me luck!

My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 2: In the Workshop

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2016. I’m just popping in today to share a little update on my vintage caravan makeover. For the past couple of months she’s been in the workshop undergoing some repairs and modifications. Unfortunately a lot of the repairs won’t be that noticeable but are pretty essential to keeping her sturdy and water tight. Below you’ll find a few pics from the boys at the workshop.

So far the broken back window and dented aluminium panel on the back have been removed, rotted timber frame down both sides and the front have been replaced, water damaged ply around the front window has been replaced and the front window has been resealed. I’m just waiting for a beautiful timber bifold to be installed where the old back window was, a new aluminium panel for the back, new aluminium trim down both sides,and some new window locks and stayz to be installed. I can’t wait!


My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 2: In the workshop

Whilst I wait for these repairs to be completed I’m dreaming up her interior design and decor and trawling online to learn more about vintage caravan restorations. Technically this isn’t a restoration (it’s more of a renovation with some modifications) but I love seeing how others have preserved and updated their vintage caravans.

Here’s a couple of  gorgeous vintage caravan makeovers which are spurring me on. The gorgeous Frankie, a travelling vintage shop owned by author, photographer and stylist Kara Rosenlund, little Mable of Mable & Co, a renovated 1950’s bond wood caravan turned bar and The Nugget, a 1973 Bell travel trailer. Each of these vintage caravan’s is so unique and full of character and charm. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination and a whole lot of hard work.

Make a Rosemary and Yarn Christmas Wreath

DIY Simple Christmas Wreath

We’re into our second week of the summer holidays here and life has really started to slow down. Yay for no more school lunches,  homework or racing to and from extra curricular activities. We spent the morning at the local pool and when we returned home the boys relaxed in the aircon whilst I found some time for a little crafting on the front deck.

I was inspired to make this wreath by the lovely blog The Merry Thought. I just loved it’s simplicity. To make it my own I’ve substituted the evergreen tree cuttings with rosemary sprigs and used just one colour of yarn.

To make a rosemary and yarn christmas wreath you will need:

A metal hoop, yarn, Rosemary sprigs and scissors.

Make a Rosemary and Yarn Wreath

Start by cutting your yarn into lengths, and then looping each length of yarn around the hoop as shown here. I used 42 lengths of yarn and each length was about 80cm long.

Make a Rosemary and Yarn Wreath

Make a Rosemary and Yarn Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Once you’ve finished attaching the yarn to your hoop create two little bunches of Rosemary (I used four cuttings in each bunch). Tie each bunch together with yarn and leave a bit of a tail so that you can then tie it to your wreath.

Rosemary Christmas Wreath

DIY Simple rosemary and Yarn Christmas Wreath

DIY Simple Christmas Wreath

To finish off add a little piece of yarn to the top of the hoop to make it easy to hang, then trim the bottom of your yarn into whatever shape you so desire. I went with an asymmetrical look like the wreath shown here on pinterest but you could keep the yarn straight if you prefer.

This has to be the easiest piece of DIY decor I’ve ever made, I just love it. Happy crafting.

Make a Simple Christmas Wreath

Make a Rosemary and Yarn Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

With school finishing next week I thought I’d better get a wriggle on and start preparing for christmas. The first craft on my list was a new advent calendar. My boys love counting down the days till christmas so it’s become a tradition in our house to make a DIY christmas advent calendar each year.

If you’re a regular to my blog you’ll know I love a neutral colour palette so I went with black and white on plywood for our advent calendar. It complements my homes interior decor and works well with my other christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

To make an advent calendar like mine you’ll need a piece of plywood (mine is 600mm x 900mm and 9mm thick), velcro sticky dots, wrapping paper, sticky tape, scissors, twine, printed numbers or tags and whatever little treats you would like to pop inside. I used these printables from The Painted Hive. I originally planned to use them as they were intended – cute little pockets, but unfortunately three treats wouldn’t quite fit so I used them as labels instead. But, if you just have one child or want to make individual advent calendars, these would look lovely made up as pockets and attached to the ply.

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Start by wrapping up you treats, creating 24 little parcels of similar size. I chose a variety of christmas inspired chocolates, from magic elves with popping candy to lindt chocolate santas and chocolate puddings. You can add whatever you fancy but just make sure it will last the full twenty four days without going off.

DIY Christmas Advent CalendarMake a Black and White Christmas Advent Calendar

After wrapping all of your parcels arrange them on your ply and once your happy with their positioning apply a velcro dot to the underside of the parcel and one directly to the plywood. Then just adhere each parcel to the plywod backing. If you find your dots are not sticking very well or if your parcels are not very flat on the back, just add a little craft glue to the velcro dot which attaches to the parcel, this should ensure they don’t fall off.

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Once all your parcels are attached decorate with printed numbers or tags to count down the days till christmas. We start our calendar on the first of December and count down the days starting with 24 but you could start at one if you prefer.

DIY Scandinavian inspired christmas advent calendar

Feel free to customise your Christmas advent calendar however you like, from the backing board to the wrapping there’s so many possibilities. I hope you have lots of fun and I’m sure your kids will love it!

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

My vintage caravan makeover Part 1: The Big Clear Out

My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 1

A few days after buying my vintage caravan I began the first stage of her makeover, the big clear out! Like any renovation it always looks worse before it gets better so don’t expect any glam photos in this post.

From the outside the only noticeable difference is that the old window decals have gone. But if you step inside you can see quite a few changes. I removed everything that wasn’t attached to the frame, from the mattress, to the soft furnishings, curtain rails, screens, light fixtures and two layers of lino floor covering. I was tempted to keep the original lino as a template for when I cut out the new flooring but it was so sticky and putrid it had to go!

Lurking beneath all that stuff I found holes in the veneer walls, more rotten wood, more cracked glass windows, perished window seals, a hole in the floor and a huge pile of dirt and dust, so much dust!

Now that she’s been cleared out and all her interior flaws have been revealed it’s time to start planning her repairs and begin work on the exterior to get her water tight and secure.

I have so much to learn and at times the amount of work to be done is a bit overwhelming but I’m sure I’ll get there,  I just have to be patient. Have you ever done a caravan renovation or makeover? I’d love to hear about your journey and any tips you might have.

My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 1

My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 1: the big clean out

Vintage Caravan Renovation

Makeover a vintage caravan

Vintage Caravan MakeoverVintage caravan Makeover

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