I bought a vintage caravan!

Vintage caravan makeover - before

I have a new project and I am so excited to tell you about it! A couple of weekends ago I bought a vintage caravan! According to the lovely lady whom I bought her from she’s a 1969 Regal, just 10ft long and packed full of charm and character. Isn’t she cute!

As you’ll see from the photos below she needs a full makeover. Unfortunately she hasn’t hasn’t been graced with the nicest of facelifts over the years. She’s had many cringe worthy interior changes such as black shag pile carpet (which her previous owner removed and replaced with black and white lino tiles), walls decorated with washy tape (most of which had also been removed before I bought her) window decals, decoupaged cabinets and very poorly painted veneer walls. Add to that the cracked windows, missing or broken stays, wood rot, hole in the floor and dented panelling. She’s quite the project. On a positive note she tows really well, her electrics are in good working order, she’s recently had her roof resealed and she still has a number of original features.

I have big plans for my little caravan so I hope you’ll follow along as I fall down the rabbit hole of vintage caravan renovations and restorations and turn her into something really special.

Makeover a vintage caravan

Makeover a vintage caravan

My Vintage Caravan - Before

vintage caravan makeover before pictures

Vintage caravan makeover - before

Vintage Caravan

Vintage caravan makeover before

Vintage caravan makeover before photos

Lunch inspired by the veggie garden

lunch inspired by the veggie garden

Our little raised vegetable garden is still producing loads of goodies. At the moment we have  heaps of ripe Roma tomatoes, Chilli’s and spring onions.  After picking some bits and pieces yesterday I created a simple lunch inspired by the veggie garden. There really is such a difference in taste when you eat seasonal fruit and veg. As simple as this meal was it was so delicious and I’ve also found the boys are way more likely to eat homegrown.

Given how hot and dry it is in Queensland over summer I had planned not to replant our veggie garden, but I may reconsider as we’ll really miss our homegrown veggies. Our lettuce ended up lasting months and we’re kind of sad to see the end of it as freshly picked produce is so much sweeter and crispier. It’s amazing just how much you can grow in a small space.

Lunch inspired by the veggie garden

Tween Boys Room Update

Tween Boys Room Update

Just before the last school holidays, I started another room makeover. This time it was for my ten year old son Zavier. It’s been five years since I first decorated Zavier’s room, so he really needed something a bit more grown up.  It was time to say farewell to his aqua walls and tree decal and create something which could easily transition with him through his teen years.

After we’d moved everything out, and set up a temporary bedroom in the playroom I painted his walls in Dulux Vivid White. It makes the room look much so more spacious and fresh. Then to add some depth and fun to the room I painted his wardrobe doors with black chalkboard paint (much to the envy of his younger brother).

Tween Boys Room Update

Monochrome Boys Room

We kept his existing furniture but gave it a little update by painting his bed with Blake and Taylor furniture paint and adding some new doors and storage boxes to his expedit bookcase. The Ikea Kallax inserts fit perfectly into the expedit and are great for hiding clutter and keeping books dust free.

After updating his colour scheme I added some new art, linen, and accessories. The Mapiful map of London was one the biggest splurges, but it’s a timeless piece and could easily be moved elsewhere should Zav decide he no longer wants to look at London. Why London you ask? well it’s his favourite city of those we’ve visited so far.

Tween Boys Room Update

Storage ideas for kids rooms

Tween Boys Room Chalkboard ideas

Tween Boys Room Update

I’m really happy with how Zavier’s bedside lamp turned out. It was originally a pendant light from Milk and Sugar (which I’d bought for a different room) but with a little help from my electrician to change the fixture to a three pin plug, and the edition of an Ikea Ekeby shelf bracket, I turned a ceiling pendant into a wall mounted reading light.

Some other favourite additions were the Arrow wall decals, Crochet Floor Rug, Whale pillowcase and the Lego storage bricks,  you can never have too much storage in a kids room! Good storage is definitely the key to keeping kids rooms tidy.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about, feel free to email me or add a comment in the box below.

Tween Boys Room Ideas and Inspiration

Boys room decor ideas

Isn’t she lovely…

Isn't she lovely - Chai Days Beach Cruiser

Isn’t she lovely! Say hello to my gorgeous new white beach cruiser.  I may live just over an hour away from the closest beach but that hasn’t stopped me longing to have my very own lovely white vintage style bike. She’s definitely not a practical form of transport for where I live, (that being very hilly bushland), but I have other plans for this beauty.

We’ll often haul the boys bikes onto the back of the car and head into the city or find a nice waterfront bike path for them to explore.  Previously I would have walked behind whilst they zoomed on ahead but now I can join in on the fun, and be super comfy doing so.

I first took notice of these more ladylike bikes when we were in Paris.  I was so taken by the oh so stylish french women riding about, often wearing dresses and high heels and looking so chic and glamorous.  I’m a long way from that lifestyle, but I think cruising the Australian coastline on weekends and holidays will be amazing. Now if I can just work out a plan to acquire our own little beach house that would be a dream come true.

Chai Days Bike - Isn't she Lovely..

Spring in the Veggie Garden

Spring Veggie Garden

Remember our repurposed locker veggie garden which we planted a couple of months ago? It’s now bursting with fresh produce. This morning we picked some of our very wonky baby carrots (I’ll try planting them from seed next time), some sweet peas and a very peculiar looking round zucchini. It grew against the edge of the metal locker which caused a wee bit too much sideways growth. Oh well, I’m sure it will taste great.

Over the past few months I’ve learnt lots of ‘What not to do next time’. Our biggest mistake was that we over planted our veggie garden. Some of the fast growing seedlings quickly overshadowed others. Also due to the overcrowding and a lack of aeration, my zucchini’s developed mildew on the leaves which has slowed and reduced their productivity. But on the positive side, the mint is thriving and the boys are loving eating fresh picked lettuces in their salads. I can’t wait for the Roma tomatoes and chilli’s, they’ll be next on our table.

Oh and I’m happy to report that my bush turkey diversion tactics worked. If your having issues with Turkey’s eating your veggie patches then you can read about what I did to keep the bush turkey out of the veggie garden here.

Spring in the Veggie Garden

Spring in the veggie Garden

Spring in the Veggie Garden

Spring Vegetable Garden

Locker Vegetable Garde

Spring Vegetable Garden

Raised Vegetable Garde

DIY Raised Vegetable Garden

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