If your looking for Gluten free recipes or perhaps a new raw dessert? then look no further. Here you’ll find lots of delicious vegan and gluten free recipes. Having dietary restrictions or eliminating processed sugar doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. Check out some of my favourite healthy recipes.

Raw banana cream caramel pieRaw Banana Cream & Caramel Pie

Here’s a new raw dessert for you to try, it’s gluten free, vegan and free of processed sugar, it’s kind of like a Banoffe Pie without the calories. Say hello to my Raw Banana Cream and Caramel Pie. Read more..



Raw Mango CheesecakeRaw Mango Cheesecake

This recipe could be used to make one large Raw mango cheesecake or like me you could make petite individual cheesecakes which would be perfect for a tea party. Read more…



Raw Strawberry Cheescake RecipeRaw Strawberry Cheesecake

This delicious gluten and dairy free raw strawberry cheesecake, is a recipe which I adapted from Sweetly Raw. I made mini cheesecakes and this recipe made about 20, but you could also use this recipe to make a family size cheesecake. Read More…



Homemade Gluten Free PizzaGluten Free Pizza

This gluten free pizza recipe is so delicious. Our toppings were inspired by an episode of Paddock to Plate with Matt Moran. But you could use anything you like.  Read more….


Raw Vegan Mint Chocolate RecipeRaw Vegan Mint Chocolate

My latest creation are these cute little bunny pops, from my raw vegan mint chocolate recipe. They’re super easy, and free of processed sugar. I’ve had to hide them out of sight as the kids and my husband can’t get enough of them. Read more..


Raw Vegan Caramel SliceGluten Free Raw Vegan Caramel Slice 

I’ve combined my raw chocolate cheesecake with the caramel and chocolate from the raw snickers to create this delicious new gluten free vegan slice. It’s so delicious and healthy! Read more…


Raw Vegan SnickersRaw Vegan Snickers

Raw Vegan snickers are so delicious that I recommend doubling this recipe if you want them to last more than one afternoon. Delicious and guilt free. Perfect for that after dinner sweet craving, well that’s if they survive that long. Read more…


gluten dairy and egg free pancakesGluten Dairy and Egg Free Pancakes 

Sunday morning pancakes are a bit of a tradition in our house, yesterday we made gluten, dairy, and egg free pancakes. It wasn’t entirely planned that way, our girls are off the lay so without eggs and not wanting to get out of our jammies we improvised. Here’s our recipe (it makes 6).


Gluten free vegan raw chocolate cheesecakeGluten Free Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake 

This dessert is so delicious and guilt free that you’ll be fighting off your kids to lick the bowl. I found the recipe at sweetly raw. If like me you are unable to find coconut butter then I’ve already done the hard work for you in my previous post homemade coconut butter. Read more..


Homemade coconut butterHomemade Coconut Butter 

A lot of the raw desserts I make call for coconut butter, I’ve had so much trouble finding it in any of the health food stores, so today I thought why not make it myself. Read more..



Gluten Free Raw Vegan Lime TartGluten Free Raw Vegan Lime Tart 

This recipe is so delicious that your going to find it hard to believe that it’s actually good for you. Yep it’s dairy, egg, gluten, and preservative free and packed with delicious raw ingredients. Read more…