Workspace update with Kmart pegboards

Kmart Pegboards

Who isn’t loving Kmart’s Homewares range right now! From lamps and rugs to pots, vases  and storage, they’re got some really cool products for really low prices! Last week I gave my workspace a little update with the Kmart pegboards. An absolute bargain for just $29 each and super versatile and stylish. I tried my pegboards in about four different spaces before finally deciding to keep them in my workspace. They looked great next to the boys desk,  in the boys rooms and also in the playroom too.

I placed my pegboards side by side and played around with the shelving heights depending on the object size I wanted to add. Here I’ve just styled them with bits and pieces I already had plus a new print from Hark Home.

Kmart pegboards

Kmart Pegboards

kmart pegboards

Style Crush: Science Inspired Decor + Homewares

With a slight industrial edge, science inspired decor and homewares are making their way out of the laboratory and into the home. From repurposed laboratory jars, specimens and wall charts, laboratory decor can look great in a variety of spaces from kids rooms to kitchens. Check out the images below for a little inspiration on how to style these objects in your home.

Science Inspired Decor

Style Crush: Science Inspired Decor + Homewares

Style Crush: Science Inspired Decor

Laboratory Inspired HomewaresLaboratory Inspired HomewaresBeaker LampStyle Crush - Chai DaysStyle Crush - Chai Days

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