My Vintage Caravan Makeover Part 8: Painting the Exterior

Black Vintage Caravan

Well the long awaited final chapter of my little vintage caravan’s makeover is here! Her biggest transformation yet! Painting the Exterior. As I mentioned previously, I’d planned to have a professional take care of her external paint job but the quotes were way above my budget, in excess of $3500 would you believe! I’m sure it would have been a great job but that was way more than I could afford. So I took on the job myself, and managed to get it done for just a bit less than $300. This included buying the spray gun and paint as well as tape, paint thinner, protective gear and drop sheets.

The paint I used was Dulux Metal Shield Epoxy Enamel in Mat Black. It was a big risk making such a dramatic change but I think you’ll agree she looks pretty fantastic! Before painting I taped up all the windows and door which I kept white. I also taped up the indicators, lights and number plate. It’s also a good idea to cover you wheels and draw bar or they’ll get overspray which can look pretty tacky. Here’s a couple of before pics of her, taped up and ready for painting. Vintage Caravan Makeover: painting the exterior


Vintage Caravan Makeover

She was a little cutie in white, but now I think she’s a head turner. Check out that mat black paint. I was advised by lots of people to not paint her black because it would show up all her imperfections, but honestly I think she looks so much better, don’t you? Sure she’s got a few dimples here and there, but hey, show me a forty seven year old that doesn’t have cellulite! It’s character building isn’t it?

I’m so happy with how she turned out, I’ve really grown to love my little vintage caravan.

Vintage Caravan Makeover

Black vintage caravan

Paint a vintage caravan